Preparation for higher education in France


A good linguistic, academic and cultural preparation is necessary to succeed in your higher education studies in France.

Specialized in the preparation of higher studies for more than 15 years, this is what ALIP offers you.

ALIP, a Label Qualité FLE center is a linguistic partner of prestigious institutions. Its programs are designed to meet the expectations of your schools and universities.
Our Preparation for Higher Education program lasts from 3 to 9 or 12 months. A session lasts 3 months and includes 200 hours of intensive training. You can decide to take one, two or three consecutive sessions, depending on your level and your objectives.

Do not hesitate to contact us for personalized advice. We will be happy to study your study project.


In addition to the general French or English courses and the cultural and professional workshops, here is an overview of your Preparation for Higher Studies program:

ALIP preparation for high school

Next course : Feb 28, 2022

Course schedule :
October to January
February to May 
June to August

All sessions are independent. You can start with the one that suits you best and register for one, two or three sessions. 


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