Our partners

ALIP has an exclusive agreement with different private high-schools :


The school offers training for careers in commerce, management and, more generally, management.

Looking to the international and a strong network of over 100 prestigious schools around the world, the Group INSEEC is one of the largest groups of Higher Education located in french 3 major cities (Paris, Lyon and Bordeaux) and China (Shanghai).

This school offers dynamic programs such as conferences of methods, philosophy, geopolitics, economics, all these disciplines, in a management training, participate fully in the intellectual openness of the individual and make a difference.


MBA Institute

An international post secondary program of the INSEEC Group, the MBA Institute commits itself to assisting its students in finding careers on an international scale.

This school aims to offer its students a solid French-English education in a school who’s curriculum is the exact match of a large post secondary American business school (such as Georgetown, Emory, Wharton, etc) as well as to offer every possible opportunity to integrate the most prestigious international MBA programs that are sought by global enterprises.


Elysées Marbeuf

Its international reputation allows this school to presently welcome students from 25 different nationalities, for whom specific programs are adapted by a professional pedagogical team. The education available at l’école Élysées Marbeuf offers multiple vocational opportunities at it’s own beauty institutes, perfumeries, healing water centers, vacation resorts, etc.


Istituto Marangoni

This design and fashion school, founded in 1935, is the leader in its domain with three campuses in Europe: Milan, Paris, and London.

Opened in 2006 in Paris, The Istituto Marangoni created an incontrovertibly impressive school, reflecting the exclusive and unique atmosphere of French creation and luxury.

With its long, intensive training, as well as it’s Master’s programs, the Institute follows the professional endeavors of it’s students in the fields of fashion, luxury, and design, be it in the creative, managerial, or commercial domain.

In more than 70 years, three professional generations have been trained and more than 30,000 have graduated including certain designers of international renown: Franco Moschino, Domenico Dolce (Dolce and Gabbana), Maurizio Pecoraro, Stefano Guerriero, Alessandra Facchinetti (Valentino).



The ISRP, acknowledged by the Minister of Health and by the University Secretary of State, is the leader in psychomotor education in France and abroad.

The institute includes two distinct, yet complementary, active sectors; an institute of psychomotor education as well as a continuing education branch for paramedic and social professionals. The school also encompasses skills in psychomotor rehabilitation, an active job requiring open lines of communication with others and with life itself.

Through the exchange program ERASMUS, some students also have the chance to study in diverse English, Spanish and Portuguese speaking countries where the opportunity to practice their psychomotor therapy skills is widely available.


These diverse and internationally recognized post secondary schools have established a solid partnership with us. ALIP is in constant contact with their teaching staff who have entrusted their students to us so that we can, as best as possible, help them to improve their linguistic abilities according to their communication needs after their formation. The communication needs required by these students take into account at the same time their daily environment in the country in which they live or in which they hope to someday live, as well as the professional needs with which they are or will be confronted not only during their studies but also in their future daily professional environment.