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Our French courses enable you to quickly improve your French language skills. In 4 weeks, you’ll discover or perfect your language skills in everyday situations, and learn about the practical culture you’ll need to live in Paris on a daily basis.

An experienced team welcomes you in a friendly learning atmosphere. You’ll learn French thanks to a dynamic, modern teaching method focused on French culture.


cours de français à Paris 4 semaines


On the program :

Main module: development of communication skills / lexical and grammatical reinforcement. Each session includes cultural themes that will enable you to improve your vocabulary, discover new grammar points and enrich your cultural knowledge. Group work and class discussions will enable you to express yourself fully. A modern pedagogy that allows for repetition and progression.

Cultural activities: With the whole school or your class, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to spend time outside school. Every week, we also offer activities to prolong the magic of your stay in Paris.


An ideal course if you’ve got a few weeks to spare, leaving you plenty of time to enjoy Paris and the surrounding area!


Enjoy an original, diversified, effective and friendly language stay!


Course duration & hours

1 month / 4 weeks


Renewable according to the calendar and depending on available places.

Number of participants per class

Between 5 and 12 according to your level



EXCEPTIONAL PROMOTION Olympic & Paralympic Games Paris 2024
704€ instead of 880€ for sessions :
– July 1 to 26, 2024
– August 5 to 30, 2024

Payment on line here

By bank transfer, check or cash here


All levels

Your level will be assessed during an interview before the course begins

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  •  March 4 – 29, 2024
  • June 3 to 28, 2024
  • July 1st to 26, 2024 PROMOTION
  • August 5 to 30, 2024 PROMOTION
  • September 2 to 27, 2024
  • Sept. 30 to Oct. 25, 2024
  • Oct. 28 to Nov. 22, 2024
  • Nov. 25 to Dec. 20, 2024