Our objectives and methodology

The acquisition of current and effective communication skills in French or English languages, the practice of a language in a professional and academic context and immersion in a cultural diversity respectful of all are the pedagogical principles of language courses at ALIP.


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As part of a communicative and friendly approach, ALIP offers language courses with four objectives:

  • General language: French or English courses aim to reinforce written and oral language skills in everyday communication situations. All language courses are based on the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages and are based on detailed reference frameworks.
  • University methodology: learning techniques, note-taking techniques, written and oral presentations…Learn more
  • Culture: approach to francophone and anglophone culture through various intercultural activities, visits, conferences to enhance learning.
  • Professional and specialized language: first step towards the professional French/English-speaking world, realization of motivating projects and small groups, discovery of specific themes…


ALIP’s language courses are based on the levels defined by the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages, and take into account students’ needs and motivations.
In a communicative and active approach, teachers propose activities to develop the following skills:

  • Comprehension and written and oral expression
  • Interaction
  • Communication strategies
  • Involvement in cultural and civic life

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Evaluations & Certifications

Our teachers are authorized official examiners for the TEF and TCF French exams.

Evaluations take place throughout the training to ensure appropriate progress.

Each course gives rise to a final evaluation.
The certificate at the end of the course details all the results, the student’s progress and his level on the CEFR scale..


More about French levels

More about French official exams



The teaching and administrative team welcomes, guides and advises students throughout their stay.

Quality meetings with students are held throughout the semester to ensure that students progress well and are satisfied.

We welcome students and help them in all their administrative procedures, advise them on their studies and inform them about cultural activities. 

Numerous meetings are held with the team to follow everyone’s progress as closely as possible.


L'échelle des niveaux

Suite à ces différentes évaluations, un niveau est attribué aux étudiants.
pour plus d’informations, consultez notre page des niveaux


Les certifications et diplômes français - informations

Tous les cours de l’école ALIP permettent de se préparer aux examens et certifications en langue française, comme le TCF ou le DELF/DALF (www.ciep.fr) ou le TEF (www.ccip.fr)

Pour plus d’informations sur les examens officiels, contacter Manuela Guillem mguillem@alipfrance.com

Consultez le document (pdf) : Descriptif les certifications en langue française