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You already have an Intermediate level in French and wish to communicate in a free and relaxed way? This course is for you. In a small group, you will practice French on a regular basis on various topics of conversation.

Adapted to your schedule, these extensive distance learning courses allow you to maintain your level of French by discussing with other people. The ideal opportunity to review your basic French and enrich your cultural and linguistic knowledge.

Our technological tools allow for quality oral and written exchanges.

Communicate in French with ALIP! 

Course duration & number of hours & schedules

1 month – 4 weeks I Renewable

2h/week – Wednesday (B1-B2) ou Friday (C1-C2) 12am – 2pm



B1 – B2 (Wednesday)

C1 – C2 (Friday)


Number of participants per class

Betwwen 5 and 8 students

Course schedule


  • du 3 octobre au 28 octobre 2022
  • du 14 novembre au 9 décembre 2022
  • du 2 janvier au 27 janvier 2023
  • du 6 mars au 31 mars 2023
  • June 5-30, 2023


100 €/month

Payment by bank transfer, check or cash on site