Pedagogical approach


Knowledge and know-how are defined at the beginning of the language training after an analysis of your needs and objectives.
To respond more effectively to your expectations, ALIP school sets up unique training programs. The knowledge transmission techniques used at ALIP are varied and constantly evolving.


The teaching team is committed to updating its teaching practices to adapt to you!
Phases 1

Discover by yourself

At ALIP, you are the real actor of your learning!
You are led to question yourself, to make assumptions, to imagine, to make mistakes and to start over…

Our pedagogy will allow you to gain in autonomy!

Phases 2

Appropriate the language

The varied forms of activities, exercises and challenges make language learning more alive and more effective.
Group work, projects, presentations, inter-class challenges, e-learning… a very wide range of communication activities.

Phases 3

Communicate !

Role-playing and simulations then allow you to fix your knowledge. This active approach offers you the assurance of a solid and sustainable acquisition.

Phases 4


After a few sessions, the notion worked on is approached again but under another angle in order to check the acquisition and possibly to remedy the difficulties which could persist.

Phases 5

Language in action - educational projects

We accompany you in the realization of educational projects. In an active approach, you act by participating in different activities: create a website, a festival project, a press review or a marketing analysis, record a TV news, write a cultural guide for newcomers, create a student forum… We encourage you, through the main courses or workshops, to practice the language while carrying out group projects. Saying is doing!