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The Alliance Linguistique et Interculturelle de Paris has just received the renewal of its Label Qualité FLE and Qualiopi center for its professional trainings. This double label has been delivered by France Education international, authorized to deliver Qualiopi on behalf of France Compétences.

“This certification should provide a better guarantee and greater readability of the training offer to companies and users.”

Obtaining this double label attests to the quality of our training implementation process and our approach to skills development.

For the companies and employees who trust us, it is the guarantee of a clear offer of quality training.

Our professional language training for employees and companies

Our French language courses

Our English language training courses

In accordance with the Qualiopi and Label FLE standards, the audits focused on the procedures for welcoming our learners, the management of our center and staff, and the educational and administrative resources allocated to our training courses.

In the very complex context of our activity linked to the health crisis, this double label pushes us to pursue all our efforts with pride and joy. We are thrilled to welcome all our future trainees, international students, employees, language lovers, certification candidates…

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