Graduation Ceremony of AGS Students: Celebrating Academic Excellence at ALIP Paris


On May 28th, ALIP Language School in Paris had the honor of hosting the graduation ceremony for Chinese students from our partner, the American Graduate School (AGS) in Paris. This significant event celebrated the academic achievements of the students, highlighting our institution’s commitment to promoting excellence and diversity in higher education.

The ceremony took place in a warm and emotional atmosphere. Students, surrounded by their families, friends, and professors, received their diplomas in a welcoming setting. Each graduate was applauded for their hard work and perseverance, marking the culmination of several years of effort. The event featured speeches from faculty members and special guests who congratulated the students on their achievements and encouraged them to pursue their goals with determination.

We also organized numerous memorable moments with them: visits to Paris and its surroundings, a geopolitics seminar, a seminar on luxury and the French art of living, and cocktails.

This ceremony also strengthened the ties between ALIP and AGS, illustrating our shared commitment to providing quality education and preparing our students for international careers. The partnership between our two institutions continues to thrive, offering students unique opportunities for learning and personal development.

For the graduates, this ceremony marks the beginning of a new chapter. Armed with solid linguistic and academic skills, they are ready to explore new horizons and contribute positively to global society.

We once again congratulate all the graduates on their success and wish them the best for the future. We also thank everyone who contributed to the success of this evening. At ALIP, we remain determined to support our students on their path to excellence and to celebrate their future successes.

For more information about ALIP’s programs and events, please feel free to contact us or follow us on our social media channels.

Thank you to our partners AGS, ISC, ISRP, and Olivia Lafond, Illustrator, for her lovely postcards.


  Graduation ceremony AGS




        Graduation ceremony AGS

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