French courses

Extended session – 3 months

Ι I want to improve my level of French and discover French culture Ι



French Courses – Intensive 20 hours / week (3 months)


Fall / Spring and Summer sessions


Objectives :


In a group adapted to your level, according to the scale of the Common European Framework of Reference, this unique and exclusive French courses allows you to :


Express yourself without fear in all situations of dailylife
Better understand Francophone people
Discover France’s cultural richness
Improve your grammatical and lexical skills
Participate in project courses as a team 
Successfully integrate into a French-speaking environment



Methodology :


Our communicative and action-oriented methodology – small group conversations, project classes, theatre workshops, written and oral expression techniques, improvement workshops, tutoring, educational visits, animations – ensures rapid progress in a convivial context.



Read more about our pédagogie



Monitoring :


As for all our trainings, students benefit from a rigorous and individualized pedagogical follow-up. Many appointments punctuate the training and the whole team is at your disposal.
A certificate of level and marks is given at the end of the training.


IMPORTANT : You also have the opportunity to take the TEF exam to ALIP to enhance your training!




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Course duration

1 Intensive session  / 3 mois

Hours per week

20 hours

Number of participants per class

Between 6 and 16 according to modules


 2800 euros per session (250 hours)


NEW : You can now pay your training in 4 installments ! For more information, contact us.



Fall session : October to January.
Spring session : February to May.
Summer session : July & August.
All semesters are independent and can be combined.


IMPORTANT: simplified procedure for VISA !
90 day study visa: learn French at ALIP by easily obtaining a long stay temporary visa !
Projects of 3 to 6 months of French: training in a centre Label Qualité FLE.

Modules de formation

Module 1

Français général et professionnel

Acquisition des bases du français général et de l’environnement professionnel francophone.

Focus sur le programme ALIP Débutant Elémentaire – Intermédiaire – Avancé
Module 2

Français des études supérieures

Développement des compétences orale et écrites et de la communication en contexte universitaire (initiation / renforcement / perfectionnement selon le niveau de l’étudiant).

Focus sur le programme ALIP  Techniques Initiation – Techniques Renforcement – Techniques Perfectionnement – Méthodologie InitiationMéthodologie RenforcementMéthodologie Perfectionnement 
Module 3

Atelier de français au choix de l'étudiant

Culture française, mode, gastronomie, phonétique, communication quotidienne. Toute une gamme d’atelier pour s’ouvrir au monde francophone !

Focus sur le programme ALIP – Ateliers
Module 4

Projet en mini-groupe

Selon le niveau de l’étudiant et au sein d’un petit groupe de 7 étudiants, simulation de réalisation d’un projet de A à Z, guidé par un professeur. Un vrai premier pas dans la vie professionnelle ! 

Focus sur le programme ALIP – Projet  – Quelques exemples de réalisation ici 
Module 5


Un petit groupe d’étudiants réunis une fois par semaine pour aborder des sujets très larges et pratiquer son expression orale en toute confiance.

Focus sur le programme ALIP – Conversation



ALIP’s teaching staff actively monitors students throughout the trainings and implements remedial actions whenever necessary. Regular meetings are arranged with student delegates from each class.


ALIP school evaluates the students during the training in order to measure their acquisition of these notions. A final exam calibrated on the scale of the Common European Framework of Reference validates the learning of each student in all modules. Participation and attendance are taken into account in the overall score. A certificate of results and level is given to the student at the end of the program.