French courses – 3 – 6 – 9 months

Ι I want to improve my level of French and discover French culture Ι

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In a group adapted to your level (initial CEFR evaluation), this French course will enable you to express yourself without fear in all situations of daily life in France, and to better understand today’s French speakers.

Our French course gives you the opportunity to discover the richness of French culture, with the whole team, during educational outings and activities.

Thanks to this French course, you’ll improve your grammatical and lexical skills in dynamic, participative classes. You’ll also have the chance to take part in team projects and inter-class challenges in French! There’s no better way to integrate successfully into a French-speaking environment.


Your French course program at ALIP is divided into modules:

  • Main course module: development of communication skills / lexical and grammatical reinforcement. Each quarterly session includes cultural themes that will help you improve your vocabulary, discover new grammar points and enrich your cultural knowledge. Plenty of group work and class discussion will give you the chance to express yourself to the full. A modern pedagogy, which allows repetition as well as progression.
  • Workshop module: cultural, professional or linguistic themes. Our aim is to guide you towards a new Francophone horizon. You’ll discover social topics, songs, recipes, famous people, ways to improve your pronunciation etc…
  • Cultural activities : With the whole school or with your class, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to spend time outside the school. Every week, we also suggest activities to prolong the magic of your stay in Paris.


Classes are scheduled from Monday to Friday and take place every morning and 2 afternoons per week.


Take the time to live the French way!


Course duration

From 1 to 3 Intensive sessions  / from 3 months to 1 year

Hours per week

20 hours

Fall session

Spring session

30 hours 

Summer session

Number of participants per class

Between 7 and 16 according to modules


 2800 euros per session (240 hours)




All levels



Fall session : Oct.2, 23 to Feb.2, 24

Spring session : March 4 to May 31, 24

Summer session : July 1st to Aug. 30, 24

All semesters are independent and can be combined.


90 day study visa: learn French at ALIP by easily obtaining a long stay temporary visa !
Projects of 3 to 6 months of French: training in a centre Label Qualité FLE.

label fle qualiopi 2022


ALIP’s teaching staff actively monitors each of you throughout the trainings. We organize remedial actions whenever necessary. Regular meetings are arranged.


ALIP school evaluates each of you during the training in order to measure your progress.

A final exam calibrated on the scale of the Common European Framework of Reference validates your learning in all modules.

Participation and attendance are taken into account in the overall score.

A certificate of results and level is given to you at the end of the program. Don’t forget to register for TCF or TEF exam if you need an official attestation of your level !