Preparatory Language Courses for Higher Education in France

Ι I wish to bring an international dimension to my studies Ι 

Preparation course for graduate studies – Intensive 20 hours / week (from 3 months to 1 year)


Fall,  Spring and Summer session

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The French education system is internationally recognized and offers a wide range of training courses for all levels. Many prestigious schools welcome you to France to prepare you for an international career.

Since its creation, ALIP has been committed to promoting the integration of international students in their higher education studies, whether they take place in French or in English.

To this end, we have signed several serious and coherent partnerships with renowned institutions. Our very close collaboration in terms of recruitment, pedagogical design and evaluation with these higher institutes guarantees you an appropriate response to your expectations. Our pedagogical and administrative teams are in constant contact with the partner colleges and are in close contact with your objectives.

Our team will advise you among its partners and guide you through the registration process.

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Objectives :

In a group adapted to your level, according to the scale of the Common European Framework of Reference (CECRL), this unique and complete preparation  course allows you to :

  • Improve your speaking and writing skills in general and Business French or English with expert professors in higher education
  • Get a knowledge of professional French or English to acquire the basis for your future high school studies
  • Understand the educational system and communicate better with these agents
  • Discover French or English culture through visits, workshops and conferences to understand today’s major debates and to be able to interact easily
  • Be effectively prepared for the academic community by acquiring all the written and oral techniques required by higher education

Our objective is to help you adapt successfully to studying in France by developing your academic and linguistic skills. 

Our teachers are familiar with the academic and linguistic requirements related to diplomas and will be able to guide you successfully.


Your program : 

  • 20 hours of classes per week / 12 weeks of classes per session / Modulated groups to vary teaching methods
  • Main course : Development of communication skills + Grammatical and lexical reinforcement
  • Courses in written and oral expression techniques for academic purposes
    • University work methodology course
    • Academic Homework Practice Course
  • Conversation classes in small groups
  • Team Projects module
  • Cultural activities and Parisian life module

Methodology :

Our active and rigorous methodology guarantees you a successful preparation for High schools studies:

  • Practice written and oral exercises specific to the university requirements
  • Syllabi of methodological and academic courses that are progressive and adapted to the level of the students
  • Observation of examples and reuse
  • Role-plays
  • Practical case studies
  • Work in sub-groups


As for all our courses, you benefit from a rigorous and individualized pedagogical follow-up. Many appointments punctuate the training and the whole team is at your disposal.


A certificate of level and marks is given at the end of the training. 

IMPORTANT : Do not forget to register for the TEF or TCF  exams in French at ALIP to promote your training at your future Grande Ecole or your employer!


ALIP’s plus: To progress also in both languages, ALIP offers a bilingual course, in French and English:
1 intensive semester of French (20h) + English (6h) – 26 hours / 3300 euros per semester. The course schedule is the same.

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Course duration

From 1 to 3 Intensive sessions  / from 3 months to 1 year

Hours per week

20 hours/w during Fall & Spring sessions (12 weeks)
30h/w during Summer session (8 weeks)

Number of participants per class

Between 6 and 16 according to modules


 2800 euros per session

(= 230€/w)

Payment by bank transfer, check or cash on site. You can pay your training in several installments



Fall session : October to January.
Spring session : February to May.
Summer session : July & August.
All semesters are independent and can be combined.


IMPORTANT: simplified procedure for VISA !
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Projects of 3 to 6 months of French: training in a centre Label Qualité FLE.

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