French courses – 4 weeks


You are in Paris and you are looking for an efficient and friendly language course?


Join ALIP‘s next French & culture course which takes place from September 28th to October 23rd 2020.

  • 2 options: 16h or 20h of French lessons per week – 1 cultural activity per week to discover Paris – workshops with various themes – a flexible timetable and dedicated support.

Download here our brochure and prices of the 4-week French & Culture course or contact us for more information.

This program, like all ALIP courses, takes place in strict compliance with all the sanitary measures in force: protective mask and gel offered to students, protocol of circulation in the premises, disinfection of equipment etc.

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Preparatory courses for Higher Studies

Has your return to university been postponed? Don’t panic, take the opportunity to develop your language skills by integrating the ALIP programs.


For nearly 20 years, ALIP has been training international students for their integration into Grandes Ecoles or Universities. Thanks to its important partnerships, ALIP ensures you an efficient and relevant preparation.
The language courses preparing for higher education are available in English and French. You can even combine the two languages and put all the chances on your side for a better integration.


The preparatory courses are :

  • General language modules to help you integrate into everyday life because you are not just a student!
  • Modules of specialized language courses to best meet your future needs: business, business, English or French for fashion, gastronomy, marketing courses
  • Methodology courses to better integrate and understand the French educational system and succeed in your academic works. 
  • Cultural workshops and trips, conversation classes to develop your sense of interculturality.
  • Project modules for total immersion and to develop your sense of teamwork.
  • Courses focused on active pedagogy and led by expert teachers.
  • Seminars to welcome you and help you with administrative procedures and settling in France.
  • Certified evaluations and rigorous follow-up

Our training courses in French or English are held over 3 months. Each session is independent and you can of course combine them. Benefit from 3, 6 or 9 months of intense preparation in a friendly atmosphere, in the heart of Paris!

Next start: October 2020!


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International Students 2020 – 2021


Back to school 2020


Since August 1st, international students are welcome to France. Depending on your country of origin, the steps to follow are different. Campus France published a flyer with useful information to prepare your arrival in France. You can read it here 

Despite the coronavirus pandemic, France has done everything to let you join your institution safely,  whatever your country of origin. Whether you are a student in long-term or short-term studies, a student in an internship or a researcher, you are welcome to France since August 1st.


More information on Campus France

All information about ALIP French courses here or English courses here

French courses 4 weeks / September 2020


Next session French & Culture 4 weeks: from September 7 to October 2, 2020!



Do you want to learn or perfect your French in a friendly atmosphere? ALIP is waiting for you from September 7th to October 2nd for its next 4-week French course. If you have little time but are looking for an intensive and diversified French course, our program is made for you.

French is a difficult language? Your French teachers are kind, patient and working in small groups will allow you to progress quickly and confidently. The programs of our French courses are adapted to your needs and leave a alrge place for oral communication. The teachers offer you numerous role-plays in everyday life to overcome your fear of speaking French!

A unique opportunity to discover and visit Paris accompanied by our teachers. Let yourself be guided and discuss the richness of the French-speaking culture. Our French courses are based on everything that makes up France’s cultural heritage, and are enriched by your cultures 😉

Find all the information here or contact us to help you in your French learning project!

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Fashion class at ALIP

You’re going to fashion school? Do you want to develop your fashion English skills for your future studies?
Join ALIP by enrolling in our 3-month course and benefit from the expertise of our teachers.

Here is the program of the Fashion course module:

General theme:

Discovering the Fashion world and improving written & oral expresion in English. The fashion vocabulary, the material vocabulary, media, advertisements, brand promotions …

Main skills:

Gaining the right tools in business improving vocabulary, oral expression, understanding and delving into fashion themes. Understand the world of Fashion in marketing, development of brands, promotion, retail, textile and design. Improve grammar, written & oral skills.

Language goals: 

Building Vocabulary words, Fashion expressions and Fashion idioms.

Describing appearances and Fashion icons.

Role of fashion in marketing and advertisements.

Pop art influences in the advertising world.

Fashion choices and stereotypes.

Fashion and identity


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Photo Contest / ALIP Summer 2020

Win an access to Planet ALIP!!


To celebrate the opening to all of Planet ALIP – the exclusive e-learning platform ALIP, you can win an access to the Discovery Trail “And why not France?”.

Go on an adventure in French, its regions, its customs and its strengths, overcome clichés and practice your French with humour!

To try your luck, ALIP organizes a big photo contest on the theme “Star (s)”. Give free rein to your imagination and send us your most beautiful creations.

Publication of the 2 winners on August 19th, International Day of Photography.

Rules and conditions of the contest to be found here

Marketing English training


At ALIP, the professors are specialists in their fields. In addition to teaching the language, they train professionals or future High School students in specialized language.

Today, interview with Michelle, our marketing English teacher.

  • ALIP : Michelle, can you tell us what is the objective of this 20h Marketing workshop in English?
  • Michelle : The general theme of my course revolves around Fundamentals and differences of Marketing & advertising. We also discuss Public Relations & communications.


  • ALIP : Which competencies are primarily targeted?
  • Michelle : There is a lot of them! Here is what I think is most important Students will get a basic fondation on the principle of Marketing and Advertising. They will build marketing plans, practice their speech and presentation skills. They will launch their own product and be confident in advertising, marketing and potentially selling the hypothetical product. They will work on their oral and written English skills which will help them for their future studies in Business School or in the professional world.


  • ALIP : Can you tell us some of the main steps in your course?
  • Michelle : Yes, of course. During the first lessons, the question we ask ourselves is: What is a target audience? I bring some ads and we discuss why the ad is appealing. We compare what the ad is selling, promoting, TA, visuals … We also work on the principles of Marketing: prices, place, promotion & product. The students understand these concepts by practicing themselves with mock trials. After that, we analyze the successes and failures of Public Relations Strategies with case studies to work on. The students share their own opinions on subjects. Through the reading of several specialized articles, students will be able to discuss the success and the brand marketing of companies. It is also an opportunity to learn how to describe graphs and figures. Students practice professional presentations with all this vocabulary. Finally, we manage to work on the creation of a product launch: students present their products and marketing strategies.


  • ALIP : How does this course conclude?
  • Michelle : After the final evaluation, their presentation is produced, we review how they have improved as well as any recommendations and advice for the future. The goal for me is to make sure that the students have met their goals and we discuss individually their strengths and weaknesses.


  • ALIP : Thank you very much Michelle for sharing 😉


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Business English courses


ALIP has specialized in language teaching for more than 15 years. Our English courses are aimed at students or professionals wishing to develop their professional English skills and become an effective player in the business world.

Focus this week on one of the Business modules specially designed for Master and MBA students from one of our partner schools.


Join us !