Marketing English training


At ALIP, the professors are specialists in their fields. In addition to teaching the language, they train professionals or future High School students in specialized language.

Today, interview with Michelle, our marketing English teacher.

  • ALIP : Michelle, can you tell us what is the objective of this 20h Marketing workshop in English?
  • Michelle : The general theme of my course revolves around Fundamentals and differences of Marketing & advertising. We also discuss Public Relations & communications.


  • ALIP : Which competencies are primarily targeted?
  • Michelle : There is a lot of them! Here is what I think is most important Students will get a basic fondation on the principle of Marketing and Advertising. They will build marketing plans, practice their speech and presentation skills. They will launch their own product and be confident in advertising, marketing and potentially selling the hypothetical product. They will work on their oral and written English skills which will help them for their future studies in Business School or in the professional world.


  • ALIP : Can you tell us some of the main steps in your course?
  • Michelle : Yes, of course. During the first lessons, the question we ask ourselves is: What is a target audience? I bring some ads and we discuss why the ad is appealing. We compare what the ad is selling, promoting, TA, visuals … We also work on the principles of Marketing: prices, place, promotion & product. The students understand these concepts by practicing themselves with mock trials. After that, we analyze the successes and failures of Public Relations Strategies with case studies to work on. The students share their own opinions on subjects. Through the reading of several specialized articles, students will be able to discuss the success and the brand marketing of companies. It is also an opportunity to learn how to describe graphs and figures. Students practice professional presentations with all this vocabulary. Finally, we manage to work on the creation of a product launch: students present their products and marketing strategies.


  • ALIP : How does this course conclude?
  • Michelle : After the final evaluation, their presentation is produced, we review how they have improved as well as any recommendations and advice for the future. The goal for me is to make sure that the students have met their goals and we discuss individually their strengths and weaknesses.


  • ALIP : Thank you very much Michelle for sharing 😉


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Business English courses


ALIP has specialized in language teaching for more than 15 years. Our English courses are aimed at students or professionals wishing to develop their professional English skills and become an effective player in the business world.

Focus this week on one of the Business modules specially designed for Master and MBA students from one of our partner schools.


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Life in Paris

Season 2 


As part of their Life in Paris Module, the Alipiens discover the richness of French culture!

Every semester, we invite them to discover a fair, an exhibition, a place, but also a live show or many other things! A unique opportunity to travel around Paris and its surroundings, to meet new people, to be surprised and to improve their French language.

This session again was full of surprises for our students in French and English classes!

An overview below and the complete brochure to download here!


Focus English Courses – MARKETING


All year round, ALIP offers training courses in English. Our trainers are specialists in a wide variety of fields such as marketing.

Today we share with you an overview of the course given by our teacher Michelle, an expert in marketing.


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French Exam 2020


ALIP school continues to accompany you in your projects for this new year!


We wish you great success in your projects and for this reason we are at your disposal to inform you as well as possible on your steps and your TEF French exams.

Do not hesitate to contact us:

  • by phone :
  • by email :
  • at school: 25-27 rue Ginoux 75015 Paris


We will be pleased to give you all the information you need to prepare your French exams – TEF.


If you wish to apply for naturalization to obtain French nationality, you must pass the TEF Naturalisation, please consult our page:Exams and Diplomas TEF
If you wish to go to Canada, you must take the TEF Canada, visit our page: Exams and Diplomas TEF

On our Exams and Diplomas TEF page, you will find the TEF exam schedule and all our tips.

ALIP 4-weeks training in French

Why learn French ?

  1. A language spoken all over the world
More than 200 million people speak French on 5 continents
  1. A language to work in
Speaking French opens the doors of companies in France and in French-speaking countries. France, the fifth largest trading power and third largest host country for foreign investment, is an essential economic partner.
  1. The language of culture
French is the language of cuisine, fashion, theatre, dance etc…. French is the language of Victor Hugo, Molière, Léopold Sedar Senghor, Édith Piaf, Jean-Paul Sartre, Marion Cotillard or Zinedine Zidane.
  1. A language for traveling
France is the most visited country in the world (70 million visitors per year)!
  1. A language to study in French Grandes Ecoles and universities.
Speaking French allows you to study in France at renowned universities or in the leading business and engineering schools, the best higher education institutions in Europe and around the world.

Choose ALIP !

A school in the heart of Paris, ideal for discovering France!

ALIP is located close to the Eiffel Tower, in the heart of a typically Parisian district : Museums, shops, cinemas, a range of activities at your fingertips. In modern and accessible premises, ALIP has classrooms of various sizes. A relaxation and catering area offers students the opportunity to meet and share drinks and meals between classes.

A school labeled Qualité FLE, a guarantee of quality.

In 2016, ALIP School obtained the Label Qualité FLE that certifies linguistic and services of high quality. The French as a Foreign Language Quality label (Label Qualité français langue étrangère), issued by the Ministry of National Education, of and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, certifies that ALIP School offers linguistic trainings and services offering quality guarantees.

A communicative pedagogy adapted to the needs of the students.

Thanks to the numerous partnerships and a qualified teachers team, ALIP organizes:

-Progress designed to effectively improve French language skills
-Unique linguistic and cultural contents, adapted to students’ objectives
-Many cultural activities inside and outside the school to be open to cultural diversity respectful of all.
-A completely new and tailor-made online learning platform.


Thanks to its modules in small groups, its original project classes, its varied thematic workshops and its numerous cultural activities, ALIP guarantees a successful immersion!


SPECIAL OFFER  ! for any registration before the end of December 2019, the 20-hour course is at the same price as the 16-hour course!


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ALIP’s courses 2019


Our French course programs have been reworked for 2 months by the ALIP pedagogical team.

In order to take ever more into account the expectations and profiles of our students, we have reviewed everything! The levels of the training programs have been refined for greater efficiency and relevance. Clear and coherent modules allow a better progression of our students. More cultural content will be offered from the most beginner levels, more intensive course hours and always thematic workshops designed mainly for their needs: phonetics, culture, linguistic reinforcement, preparation for the DELF A1 level… For the elementary levels, the conversation course helps to consolidate their first learning.

This year we have also strengthened the preparatory courses for higher education for those preparing to enter a higher education institution or university. 2 separate modules for 3 levels of competence in this field! These modules aim to enrich the “university” culture and develop intercultural skills, improve written and oral techniques, reuse the general language by training on specific cases. Students also benefit from practical and methodological advice, view and analyse models and examples and participate in simulations.

Our advanced students also participate in specific thematic workshops according to their profiles: culture, business news, gastronomy, fashion, marketing, etc…
The project module always allows them to put their knowledge into practice in a group work in small groups. The achievements of these projects always surprise us!

For all, ALIP school perpetuates its 2 original activities: the inter-class challenge for an unparalleled cohesion and conviviality, and the life in Paris module which opens students to all aspects of Parisian life.

And as usual, our team will go to great lengths to celebrate the many events of the year with all the students!
We look forward to starting this new winter session.

Join us!