I speak French with the Paris 2024 Olympic Games

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When our Intermediate level Alipiens in Preparation for Higher Studies reflect on current events …


We’re sharing with you an extract from one of our French for University Purposes courses, run by Ghalia, as part of the High Studies program.

The aim is to familiarize our students first with a subject they know and master, and then to gradually move on to different genres for the summary. At the end of the activities, Ghalia will suggest that students choose an article in their field and write a summary of it.


  • Shared reflection:

Why are the luxury, fashion and haute gastronomy markets betting heavily on the Paris 2024 Olympic Games?

Why do you think culture is so important at an event like the Olympic Games?

From a marketing point of view, why is Paris so important?


  • Analysis of audiovisual documents:

Advertising spots, newspaper extracts … The City of Paris is getting ready for the Olympics, the partners of the Paris 2024 Olympics…


  • Analysis of written documents:

Ducasse, LVMH, Chanel … fashion and gastronomy come together.


Methodological objective: how to summarize? underlining, locating, associating, including, keywords, paragraphs, units, structuring…


An exciting journey through vocabulary and current cultural events to develop technical skills that will be useful for your future studies.


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