Learning French with ALIP in 2022 is …

ALIP Learn French in Paris

Learning a language is living it.


Taking a French course in Paris means immersing yourself in a dynamic and multicultural city. But you still have to choose your language school carefully.

At ALIP, our heart has been beating for international students for a very long time. And above all, we are convinced that a friendly and dynamic atmosphere is necessary to develop the desire to learn.

ALIP‘s French courses include a wide variety of modules, where you will meet many different and warm personalities. Our teachers are coaches, companions, professional experts… But all of them have at heart to maintain a family and friendly atmosphere for all.

Among our activities, in addition to the various modules, you will join our project course: in small teams, you will create together a prototype of an object, a festival project, an exhibition, a reportage… Each project invites you to meet Parisians, French speakers, foreigners, professionals or students and thus improve your French.

Our intercultural challenges offer you the opportunity to develop your team spirit while having fun. A challenge is launched to all the classes and may the best one win (shhh, it’s a secret, but in reality, everyone wins something at the end…): short film festival, pastry contest, French word challenge…

Finally, during your stay at ALIP, you will celebrate because that’s how we progress: educational activities, fun visits, and especially parties! At ALIP, we celebrate everything! The whole world is a party, we celebrate all the important traditions of our students’ countries and we also share our own customs.

So, at ALIP you are sure to learn a modern, lively and dynamic language.

We are waiting for you!

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