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At ALIP, the professors are specialists in their fields. In addition to teaching the language, they train professionals or future High School students in specialized language.

Today, interview with Michelle, our marketing English teacher.

  • ALIP : Michelle, can you tell us what is the objective of this 20h Marketing workshop in English?
  • Michelle : The general theme of my course revolves around Fundamentals and differences of Marketing & advertising. We also discuss Public Relations & communications.


  • ALIP : Which competencies are primarily targeted?
  • Michelle : There is a lot of them! Here is what I think is most important Students will get a basic fondation on the principle of Marketing and Advertising. They will build marketing plans, practice their speech and presentation skills. They will launch their own product and be confident in advertising, marketing and potentially selling the hypothetical product. They will work on their oral and written English skills which will help them for their future studies in Business School or in the professional world.


  • ALIP : Can you tell us some of the main steps in your course?
  • Michelle : Yes, of course. During the first lessons, the question we ask ourselves is: What is a target audience? I bring some ads and we discuss why the ad is appealing. We compare what the ad is selling, promoting, TA, visuals … We also work on the principles of Marketing: prices, place, promotion & product. The students understand these concepts by practicing themselves with mock trials. After that, we analyze the successes and failures of Public Relations Strategies with case studies to work on. The students share their own opinions on subjects. Through the reading of several specialized articles, students will be able to discuss the success and the brand marketing of companies. It is also an opportunity to learn how to describe graphs and figures. Students practice professional presentations with all this vocabulary. Finally, we manage to work on the creation of a product launch: students present their products and marketing strategies.


  • ALIP : How does this course conclude?
  • Michelle : After the final evaluation, their presentation is produced, we review how they have improved as well as any recommendations and advice for the future. The goal for me is to make sure that the students have met their goals and we discuss individually their strengths and weaknesses.


  • ALIP : Thank you very much Michelle for sharing 😉


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