French courses 2022-2023

ALIP in Paris offers a year-round French course program for all your goals:

  • Preparing for graduate school – you will soon be entering a Grande Ecole or University in France, learn at ALIP everything you need: how to study in France, how to take notes, how to communicate with professors, administration and other students, how to understand a lecture and do research, how to make a summary or a revision sheet, how to work in a team. You will also work on academic assignments: oral presentation, defense, debate, written presentation, argument. Techniques and methods, intercultural comparison, practical advice, systematic exercises and role-playing.
  • Discover French and French culture – you want to discover Paris and its culture for a month, live the Parisian way of life!
  • Learn French intensively – you have time, you want to immerse yourself in Paris and meet other students who love the French language.


All our programs for the 2022-2023 school year


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