Preparatory French courses for higher education

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A semester at ALIP, Upper Intermediate level


étudiantes ALIP


For almost 20 years, ALIP has been offering French language courses for higher education in Paris. A pioneer in this field, the school has designed exclusive courses combining general French with academic training and methodology, as well as an introduction to professional French. These intensive courses are made possible and consistent by ALIP’s partnerships with higher education establishments such as ISC, Inseec, Mod’Art etc…

This course is available all year round, with 3 sessions per year: October to January, February to May and July and August. Develop your skills during a 3, 6 or 9-month stay in the heart of Paris.


  • From March 4th to May 31 
  • From July 1st to August 30


Focus on the program developed this spring for our B1/B2 group

  • Organizing and launching the semester
    • organize your lessons for the year by identifying your difficulties and objectives
    • tips on organization, revision and materials
    • keys to progress
      • focus on emotions and socialization
      • making friends in France
  • Defining relationships
    • what types of relationships? what is a true friend?
    • assess your relationship quotient / establish your relationship pattern
    • defining feelings
    • expressing feelings
  • Making an oral presentation 1
    • Subject analysis
    • defining a subject
    • different types of shots
    • expressing feelings
  • Making an oral presentation 2
    • step-by-step presentation method
    • finding a problem
    • plan research
    • focus on the introduction
    • layout conventions
  • Professional French
    • describe a region and its economic sectors
    • give an oral presentation on the economic activity of a region in your country.
    • present a company’s identity and brand image.
    • create the home page of a company website and conduct an interview.
    • create a ppt adapted to your subject
    • comment on a graph
    • develop an analysis of a graph
    • sales and products: strategies
  • Taking notes
    • dictation versus note-taking
    • understand course notes and abbreviations.
    • create your own abbreviations.
  • Describe, analyze, argue
    • words for debate
    • analyze the structure of an argumentative text
    • reuse structures in writing
    • produce a text commentary
  • Report vs Memoir
    • exams, internship reports, language levels …


Lots of success in the various projects and achievements of the students in this group. We also talked about humor, interculturality, everyday life and culture!

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