Planète ALIP

In October 2017, ALIP launched its first e-learning platform with unique and unprecedented content. All modules have been created to meet the needs of our Alipians.

A motivated and demanding team has given birth to a first course of learning French in a communicative and cultural perspective.

Many authentic documents, activity sheets, unique and fun video resources, everything has been designed so that the Alipien extends his experience of immersion in France.

The first students have just completed their course, and we are very proud of their feedback!

Exercises deemed “fairly easy but not too”, “useful” and “in relation to their studies at ALIP and their daily life”. They say that they “appreciate the ALIP spirit and the communication with Mr ALIP”! (It must be said that he is very nice ).

The “culture minutes” are really liked.


So what next?


The following is still a lot of beautiful projects!

  • Creation of the little brother of course 1! Surprise ….

  • Improvement of certain activities for a better enhancement of our educational approach.

  • Animation forums for more interaction: attention, lots of challenges ahead !!

  • Evaluation module


Do not hesitate to contact us for more information on this project:! Dear future students, we look forward to introducing you Mr ALIP!

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