French for Fashion


The French and fashion courses for international students at Mod’Art School ended this week.

24 hours of classes for this excellent group of B2/C1 level! Congratulations to all of them and a small preview of their distance learning program.

From the beginning, the course was very dynamic thanks to the students’ involvement. They showed seriousness and motivation by fully participating in the courses.

Because these international students come from all the Mod’Art classes, it was important to start this session with some ice-breaking games to get to know each other. We then studied together a wide range of French fashion, but also the evolution of men’s fashion and Fashion Week.

We also devoted a module to the study of the phenomenon of “repatriates”, a theme that spoke to the students and allowed for discussions among them. Grammatical emphasis on the present subjunctive to express doubt or negation.

We also discussed about Esperanto, which allowed the students to better understand the expressions of doubt and willpower already worked on the previous week.

The performing arts were discussed in order to develop the students’ cultural openness: study of excerpts from Théâtre de Boulevard, reading of interviews with actors, excerpts from radio programs dealing with theater in France. This also allowed the students to be exposed to the expression of time (simultaneity, anteriority and posteriority).

We devoted several courses to the CV, the cover letter and the job interview. In view of the internships they will have to do during their studies at Mod’Art, we spent time improving their CVs and letters. The students were thus able to put into practice the expression of time seen previously to detail their career path.

The final exam allowed students to show their mastery of the cultural and grammatical notions covered in class, by writing a cover letter for a job offer and a paragraph giving advice for integration in their country of origin.

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