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Discover the interview of Caroline, our French teacher and coach


Hello Caroline, what French course did you teach at ALIP?

  • Hello, I just left an amazing little group of international students that I followed from November 22 to December 17, 2022. The next group will run from January 17 to February 11, 2022.

Who were your students?

  • Ilaria and Davide from Italy, Sueli from Brazil, Rumeysa from Turkey, Jessy from Indonesia and Anna from Romania. They were all beginners in French, except Sueli who had some good basics in French.

How did you work with this group?

  • In fact, I adapted to their levels in French and I progressed according to what was happening in the class, the motivations and the needs of each one.

We have seen all the tenses and French grammar up to A2 level. We worked on French vocabulary allowing us to present ourselves (our qualities, our defects, our passions), to speak about our close relations, our origins, our life and our work, but also about our hobbies. We were also able to talk about projects and work on the resume. Ilaria and Davide were looking for a job. We helped them (in French).

We also saw the history of Paris, of the districts, and of French language…

It was a very warm atmosphere in our French classes. Everyone could find something to talk about, about their life, love, work… . One was hesitating in her love choices, the other was looking for her professional future. Everything was good to progress in oral and written French from the different French lessons.

What is the ALIP touch that you brought to this French course?

  • Ah, we were close to celebrating Christmas, so we each had a secret friend to take care of and on the last day we had a buffet and gave each other gifts (we had to guess who the secret friend was and what the gift contained… in French!).

We also went on cultural trips in paris and had lunch together at a restaurant.

The other specificity that I develop at ALIP is that I am a certified coach in personal and intercultural development. I know that in times of covid it is important to know how to welcome the person in his or her entirety with a lot of kindness and generosity.


Thanks Caroline!

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