Fashion class at ALIP

You’re going to fashion school? Do you want to develop your fashion English skills for your future studies?
Join ALIP by enrolling in our 3-month course and benefit from the expertise of our teachers.

Here is the program of the Fashion course module:

General theme:

Discovering the Fashion world and improving written & oral expresion in English. The fashion vocabulary, the material vocabulary, media, advertisements, brand promotions …

Main skills:

Gaining the right tools in business improving vocabulary, oral expression, understanding and delving into fashion themes. Understand the world of Fashion in marketing, development of brands, promotion, retail, textile and design. Improve grammar, written & oral skills.

Language goals: 

Building Vocabulary words, Fashion expressions and Fashion idioms.

Describing appearances and Fashion icons.

Role of fashion in marketing and advertisements.

Pop art influences in the advertising world.

Fashion choices and stereotypes.

Fashion and identity


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