French course Level B1

What do our Intermediate students do in French classes?



As July draws to a close, our students have just completed a month of French courses at ALIP Paris. We share with you what they’ve learned.

An overview of their courses:

  • week 1 Background – Interests – Personality – Summer news

Communicative and cultural objectives : get to know each other, describe qualities and faults, make a purchase during the summer sales, describe an item of clothing, pose a problem and suggest a solution, give advice.

Linguistic objectives: adjective agreement, constructing an antonym, revision of the verb “devoir” in the indicative and conditional tenses, structures of obligation and advice.

Culture : Chagall – Paris New-York. Painters, describe a painting, identify a style. Visit to the Atelier des Lumières

  • week 2 Paris and Parisians

Communicative and cultural objectives : the different accents of our countries, understand a conversation between Parisian friends (accents, slang…), give advice to a Parisian girlfriend to get in touch with her.

Linguistic objectives : revision of the past-compound tense, personal pronouns, word order, verbal constructions, advisory verbs, etc.

Culture : Louis XIV and the Gardens of Versailles. Who is Louis XIV, describe a portrait, describe a garden, interculturality. Visit to the Musical Gardens of Versailles.

  • week 3 Bodies and movements, love and friendships

Communicative and cultural objectives : understand and give indications of space, movements and postures, understand and describe an encounter

Linguistic objectives: spatial indicators, alternating past-composed and imperfect tenses, re-use of personal pronouns

Culture : Perfume. History and characteristics of a perfume, describing a scent, interculturality. Visit to the Musée du Parfum Fragonard in Paris

  • week 4 Higher education

Communicative and cultural objectives : make a polite request, carry on a formal telephone conversation to obtain information, adapt your language level to the communication situation and the person you are speaking to

Linguistic objectives : conditional, interrogative (standard, sustained and colloquial)

Culture : Art Nouveau jewelry. Identify the characteristics of Art Nouveau: materials, colors, shapes. Visit the Art Nouveau Jewelry exhibition at the Van Cleef & Arpels School.


What’s up? Not a bad program, is it?

You can join us from August 7 to September 1.



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