ALIP’s courses 2019


Our French course programs have been reworked for 2 months by the ALIP pedagogical team.

In order to take ever more into account the expectations and profiles of our students, we have reviewed everything! The levels of the training programs have been refined for greater efficiency and relevance. Clear and coherent modules allow a better progression of our students. More cultural content will be offered from the most beginner levels, more intensive course hours and always thematic workshops designed mainly for their needs: phonetics, culture, linguistic reinforcement, preparation for the DELF A1 level… For the elementary levels, the conversation course helps to consolidate their first learning.

This year we have also strengthened the preparatory courses for higher education for those preparing to enter a higher education institution or university. 2 separate modules for 3 levels of competence in this field! These modules aim to enrich the “university” culture and develop intercultural skills, improve written and oral techniques, reuse the general language by training on specific cases. Students also benefit from practical and methodological advice, view and analyse models and examples and participate in simulations.

Our advanced students also participate in specific thematic workshops according to their profiles: culture, business news, gastronomy, fashion, marketing, etc…
The project module always allows them to put their knowledge into practice in a group work in small groups. The achievements of these projects always surprise us!

For all, ALIP school perpetuates its 2 original activities: the inter-class challenge for an unparalleled cohesion and conviviality, and the life in Paris module which opens students to all aspects of Parisian life.

And as usual, our team will go to great lengths to celebrate the many events of the year with all the students!
We look forward to starting this new winter session.

Join us!

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