French courses

Short sessions – 4 weeks


Ι I want to improve my level of French quickly Ι





French Courses 16 or 20 hours


Objectives :


Our intensive French language courses allow a rapid development of your French language skills. In 4 weeks, you will discover or improve your French level of language and culture in everyday situations.


Whichever option you choose, at ALIP you benefit:
  • an experienced team and innovative pedagogical know-how
  • a friendly learning atmosphere and an available team
  • a dynamic, modern and culturally oriented pedagogical approach
Our programs make your language stay original, diversified, effective and friendly!


The advantages of ALIP programs:


  • Immersion in the French culture: a cultural activity every week of your program to enhance your language stay! Our pedagogical team is expert in the organization of educational visits, cultural activities and rich encounters. Paris will no longer hold any secrets from you!  Follow our news on Experience ALIP  and on Facebook
  • A caring team committed to your success: small groups, modern practices, a sense of supervision, attentive and serious follow-up and great availability.
  • Learn at your own pace: by choosing option B, you have access to the planète ALIP! A set of French language e-learning modules specially designed for you, with original documents, humour, and cultural activities to continue your learning at your own pace. Learn at times that suit you! More about: Planet ALIP

2 courses:


Option A Language and culture: 16 hours of classes per week


For whom? 


  • You are looking for an effective and condensed French language course.
  • You like guided courses.
  • You want to discover Paris with a specialist teacher
Your program:


  • General French courses in group
  • 1 Thematic workshop in class
  • 1 Cultural activity


Option B Language, culture and e-learning: 20 hours of lessons per week


For whom? 


  • You have more time for French
  • You like to work at your own pace and learn according to your schedule
  • You want to get to know French-speaking culture in an original way


Your program:



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Course duration

1 month / 4 weeks

Hours per week

 OPTION A : 16 hours 
OPTION B : 20 hours

Number of participants per class

Between 5 and 16


OPTION A – 16 hours :
780 € for 4 weeks (195 €/week)


OPTION B – 20 hours :
920 € for 4 weeks (230 €/week)



All levels


2019 – 2020
  • From June 1 to June 26
  • From September 7th to October 2nd
  • From October 5th to October 30th


ALIP’s teaching staff actively monitors students throughout the trainings.

We organise remedial actions whenever necessary.

Regular meetings are arranged with student delegates from each class.


ALIP school evaluates the students during the training in order to measure their progress.

A final exam calibrated on the scale of the Common European Framework of Reference validates the learning of each student in all modules.

Participation and attendance are taken into account in the overall score.

A certificate of results and level is given to the student at the end of the program.