All the culture we love …

From interclass challenges to cultural events, through our partnerships and student projects, discover here how the heart of ALIP beats!




ALIP in the Quartier Latin – Spring


ALIP Quartier Latin ALIP Quartier Latin ALIP Quartier Latin

ALIP Quartier Latin ALIP Quartier Latin ALIP Quartier Latin

French market – Tour Eiffel Paris – Winter

Eglise Saint-Eustache – Paris


Christmas 2021 at ALIP




The Père-Lachaise Cemetery – Fall 2021


père lachaise 1

Montmartre – Winter 2021


ALIP Montmartre

Bourdelle Museum by ALIP’s students – Summer 2021

Discover our cultural educational activity organized for our A1 level students at the Bourdelle Museum in Paris.

musée bourdelle alip


musée bourdelle

musée bourdelle

musée bourdelle

musée bourdelle

musée bourdelle

Exhibition Marches et Démarches with our Fashion’s students – February 2020

Wonderful Christmas with our Fashion’s students!



Interclasse Challenge 2019 : Cannes festival of ALIP



Cooking and conviviality at ALIP!



National Happiness Day



Perfume Museum visit – Fragonard



Alipians celebrate St. Patrick’s Day





Master Class Lenôtre






Exhibition Bijoux – Arts Décoratifs Museum




ALIP Interclasses Challenge – Rendez vous on Youtube – Ecole ALIP Paris 





Conference by a Lenôtre pastry chef!







“Galette des rois” at ALIP





Alipians play theater! 




Live from ALIP classes – Art, gastronomy et litterature workshops





Visiting Paris …




Christmas at ALIP









Alipians tasting “le Beaujolais Nouveau”





Halloween at ALIP







We meet the new Alipiens around a picnic in the gardens of Versailles






Alipians discover the school’s neighborhood through a scavenger hunt





At ALIP we support the French soccer team





Visiting …with Inès de la Fressange and Chantal Thomas






Jewels exhibition






Versailles afternoon






Students discover Paris through a trip on a Bateaux Mouche





English Workshop PLAY – Tee-shirts creation




Literary walk –  André Malraux



Visit the largest Lenôtre boutique




Conférence, démonstration et dégustation avec l’école de pâtisserie Lenôtre

Theater Workshop




Interclass Challenge: Alip’arts






“La galette des Rois” 







ALIP in Paris – Montmartre





Beer made in Paris (A consommer avec modération !)


Le Beaujolais Nouveau … (A consommer avec modération !)



2017 : welcome to Planète ALIP : ALIP’s exclusive e-learning platform!

Interclass Challeng : Movies Festival of ALIP!


Watch all our student’s films on   ALIP !

Halloween Party




Cooking activity!


Graduation ceremony


Theater workshop